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Welcome to the SOTS WIki. These pages on the subject of the Old Testament have all been written by academic specialists who are members of the Society for Old Testament Study (SOTS). This Wiki will be officially launched as part of the centenary celebrations of the Society in July 2017.
Aleppo Codex: Joshua 1:1


The pages aim to provide reliable scholarly information in the subject area of Old Testament Study. They are written and edited by specialists in the field, and aim to be accurate while reflecting current debates in the field.

All the pages are written in a straightforward manner to be accessible to as wide a readership as possible.

The editor of the Wiki until January 2018 was Dr Walter Houston; from January 2018 it is Professor George Brooke. The editorial assistant is Dr Hedy Hung. Previous editorial support was provided by Dr Iona Hine. Technical support is provided by Dr James Aitken, Dr Jonathan Stökl, and Dr Stuart Weeks.


If you wish to contribute to the editing of these pages, you must be a member of SOTS. Please contact the SOTS Information Officer for further information.